Is The Poison® free to access?

Yes. Access to the articles in every issue of The Poison® is completely free of charge. However, authors that wish to publish in the journal will have to pay (if required) a fee for editorial processing (APC or Article Processing Charge). You can check the fees on the Editorial Policies section or in the question titled What is the APC (Article Processing Charge) and how do I pay it?

What type of articles are accepted for publication in The Poison®?

The Poison® accepts articles related to Clinical Toxicology, both in its medical and biochemical aspects. The Poison® reserves the right to accept manuscripts that do not fall within the scope of the journal.

In what language is The Poison® published?

The journal is published in English, believing that it is the universally adopted language for science. However, both its content and the website are also available in Spanish.

Can I send an article written in Spanish?

Yes, you can send articles written in Spanish. Our team of editors will translate it into English for publishing. The costs associated with this are included in the APC (Article Processing Charge), with no additional cost for the author. 

How do I send my manuscript?

Manuscripts and supporting files can be submitted via the online form in The Poison®’s official website. The first review will be carried out in no more than 15 (fifteen) days, after which the main author will receive an email confirming whether the article is accepted for revision or rejected

Can there be 2 (two) or more corresponding authors?

No. The Poison® only accepts 1 (one) corresponding author per article. They will be responsible for the communication with the editors throughout the editorial process and, once the manuscript is published, with the readers.

Is there a word limit?

Yes. The Poison® has established a maximum of words depending on the type of article. You can check the Author Submission Guidelines to ensure you abide by this requirement. 

What is the APC (Article Processing Charge) and how do I pay it?

The Poison® requests the payment of a specific amount for the editing service for all the articles accepted for publication. It should be paid within 7 (seven) days after the final acceptance of the manuscript by bank transfer to the journal’s bank account (banking information to be sent by email). 

The Poison® offers APC waivers to papers whose authors are based in countries classified by the World Bank as low-income economies.

For the time being, depending on the section, APCs are as follows:

SECTION A: original articles, short communications, systematic reviews, narrative reviews and mini-reviews USD$ 300

SECTION B: case reports and images in Toxicology USD$ 150

SECTION C: correspondence (letters to the editor and letters of response) FREE OF CHARGE


NB Only for Argentina, publication fees are ARS$ 10,000 for section A and ARS$ 5,000 for section B. Sections C and D are free of charge (the same as for foreign authors).

How will I contact the editors and how long will it take until the final acceptance?

Communication between the different parties in the editorial process will be carried out via email, always considering that the first reply (accepted for revision or rejected) may take up to 15 (fifteen) days. The review period ending with the final version (final acceptance) will be of up to 3 (three) months for articles in category A and 2 (two) for those in categories B, C and D.

How can I sponsor the journal?

If you wish to have an advertising space in The Poison®’s official website or in a certain issue of the journal you can reach out to our Marketing team by sending an email to marketing@thepoisonjournal.com.

If, after going over the Frequently Asked Questions your inquiry is still unanswered, do not hesitate to contact editorial@thepoisonjournal.com via email.